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Sunshine Notices, is a full service Notice to Owner Company, providing services throughout the State of Florida. We have been serving the Construction Industry since 1994 with most of our staff having been with us since our inception. We can help you prepare and/or record (online) your Claim of Liens and Notices of Commencements, Notices of Non-Payment, Demand Letters, etc.


Step 1

Notice to Owner Due Date

Although you have 45 days from the job start date to timely file your notice to owner, you only have 40 days from the job start date to mail that Notice out, without incurring express mail fees.

What was your first day on the job?
Notice to Owner must be mailed by: in order to have lien rights and proceed to Step 2. (Even if you are past your time, it can’t hurt you to file anyway).

Step 2

Claim of Lien Due Date

You have 90 days from the last day on the job to file your Claim of Lien. Punchwork does not extend your time.

When was your last day on the job? Claim of Lien must be recorded by: in order to keep your Lien Rights intact and proceed to Step 3.

Step 3

Foreclose on Claim of Lien Due Date

You have 1 year from the date your Claim of Lien was recorded to foreclose. Otherwise your lien has expired and you can not renew it.

When was your Claim of Lien recorded? Must Foreclose Claim of Lien no later than: in order to be able to collect monies owed.

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