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A Notice to Contractor is the equivalent of a Notice to Owner on a bonded job. Municipal and government projects over $250,000 are typically bonded. Bonded jobs are not exclusive to public projects; many large private projects are bonded. A Notice to Contractor is combined with our Notice to Owner form and the time requirements are the same. The only variation is the parties that must be served. On a bonded job the general contractor must be served in a timely manner. Timely service to the general contractor ensures your right to claim against the bond.

What was your first day on the job?
Notice to Owner must be mailed by: in order to have lien rights and proceed to Step 2. (Even if you are past your time, it can't hurt you to file anyway).
Florida Statutes 713.23 (c)  Before beginning or within 45 days after beginning to furnish labor, materials, or supplies, a lienor who is not in privity with the contractor, except a laborer, shall serve the contractor with notice in writing that the lienor will look to the contractor’s bond for protection on the work. If a notice of commencement with the attached bond is not recorded before commencement of construction, the lienor not in privity with the contractor may, in the alternative, elect to serve the notice to the contractor up to 45 days after the date the lienor is served with a copy of the bond. A notice to owner pursuant to s. 713.06 that has been timely served on the contractor satisfies the requirements of this paragraph. However, the limitation period for commencement of an action on the payment bond as established in paragraph (e) may not be expanded. The notice may be in substantially the following form and may be combined with a notice to owner given under s. 713.06 and, if so, may be entitled “NOTICE TO OWNER/NOTICE TO CONTRACTOR”

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